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Helpful tips for the care of your English Bulldog
  • BATHING     Daily cleaning of your Bullys skin folds and creases is required and cleaning of his/her bum after every bowel movement is mandatory.  Check the ears for any excess dirt and clean, if necessary. These areas are prone to bacterial and fungal infections if not properly monitored. Performing these three steps will help to insure the good health and comfort of your Bully. **Homemade Soothing Shampoo: 1/2 c. milk, 1/2 c. warm water, 1 c. dry oats, 1/2 tsp. honey, 10-15 drops of tea tree oil, two big squirts of BabyMagic Lavender & Chamomile shampoo. Mix until like pancake batter.
  • FEEDING     You will soon discover that your Bully has a very healthy appetite.  Food should be given in the quantities recommended by the manufacturer of the dog food, during set feeding times. Large quantities should not be left to last the Bully throughout the entire day, as they will more than likely consume it within the first 15 minutes. This could lead to digestive problems, uncomfortable tummies and possible potty accidents.
  • EXERCISE    It is important to give your Bully ample exercise.  Though they are very content lying about the house and napping in a sunny spot, they are very playful when it comes time to fetch a favorite toy or two.  They love the interaction with the other dogs and with humans.  They also enjoy going for walks and taking in all the surroundings.  Being a breed with a strong determination, they will try their best to keep up the pace, but you as an owner must know when to call it when .  Bullys over-heat easily and it is strongly advised to exercise him/her in a few short sessions, rather than one long one.
  • SAFETY         Do not leave your Bully unattended around the pool, pond, lake or ocean.  In the event that they should become submerged, it would be impossible for them to save themselves because they can not swim.  When choosing a toy, keep it simple and sturdy.  Your Bully has very strong jaws and loves to chew, keep this in mind by providing a very hard rubber toy or nylon bone.  They like to swallow what they chew and sometimes what they don't chew, so make it large enough not to be eaten or swallowed immediately.  Do not feed your Bully rawhide treats unless they are given in bite-size pieces, otherwise as they soften while chewing and become unwrapped, they will become a long strip of rawhide and your Bully can possibly choke on it.
  • HEALTH        As mentioned above, Bullys are  susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections which can lead to dermatitis and other skin conditions.  Proper cleaning with a product that offers both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients should keep it in check.  Examine in between the toes regularly for interdigital cysts.  If discovered, they must be treated immediately and diligently until healed.  Due to the shallow nature of the eye socket the eye can move about more easily and  become "cherry-eyed".  Quite often this condition can be corrected by gently pushing against the closed eye as you wipe it from the inner side to the outer side.  If you don't feel comfortable doing this, you will have to take your Bully to a veterinarian quickly.  The longer it is "cherry-eyed" the more it will become dry and uncomfortable and may require surgery to correct.**Home Remedy for treatment of interdigital cysts: soak entire paw in water with Epsom Salts added to cleanse the affected area at least twice a day. Towel dry and apply antibacterial ointment and Preparation H to shrink the swollen tissue. Olive Oil may be lightly applied to the toe pads to avoid over-drying​ of the toe pads.
  • BREEDING    Due to the Bullys body stature and the risk of over-heating, it is recommended to have the semen taken from the male and  to artificially inseminate the female. This method also helps insure a successful pregnancy.  Feed your girl Bully a diet high in protein to provide the nutrition that she and her babies will need to be healthy, big and strong.